Željko Božič - Letter

''I wrote this while ago. Though it's personal many people felt the same after reading it. This year I found the way how to turn this into moves ... and here it is. The "battle" is not won, but I feel few steps forward have been made.
Thank u all that made this project come to life.

Dear You,
I’m concerned so …
So I’m writing this letter
‘Couse I’m better with words.
It hurts to see you so confused and stressed,
Epecially because you say that you do
What you like best.


Dancing is supposed to be fun and joyful … right?
But joy and fun were pushed aside
Something else is on your mind.
It’s in your head it’s frustrating and it’s bad
When your whole being is reduced to this one question …

… Will they like you?

Scared child occupied your body and mind.
And scared child wants to stay alive
No wonder so many kids try to kill it and slay it.
And they talk about dance.

Such strange expressions
Dancers instead of dancers look like assassins.
Possessing invisible guns
Acting like thugs.
Click click click a million hits by kids
All thirsty for more
Blood on the dance floor.

Kids are skipping originality,
Such a pity they look so alike.
They just look like fancy, smart,
They dress the part, they act the part.

But do they dance the part?

Or do they fall apart?

No foundation, no solid ground,
How do you expect to dance like your favorite You Tube star?

Here’s a question.

Do you dance to be admired by other dancers?
Do you dance for comments like OMG WOOOW?

Or …

You do it with some swag and flow for that amazing inner feeling when you let yourself go?

And just how low can you go,
If u think you’ll only glow if you get picked for a select group.
Or you’ve reached 100 likes on Facebook …
… woopidy woop.

So what is the answer to will they like you?
Will they like you?
They …
Who are they?
Skilled critiques behind the screen,
Controlling your self esteem?

When are you going to realize, that you are full of potential,
one of a kind, special, unique …
That your message is relevant and strong like your physique
With your body you speak.
Body … four limbs
But thousand stories you can tell with it.

At the end …
I hope you understand, this is just what I think.
That’s my stance.
And I haven’t written it for you ... It’s …
... for me.
Just to remind myself
Why I dance.''

Željko Božić