High heels high hopes - Ritem mladosti

This is the performance that was made for Ritem Mladosti event at Arena Stožice (9.12.2016). We were honoured we were asked to perform front of thousand of people and to be a part of this amazing project.

The video was filmed at the production of dance school Kazina (15.1.2017).

Thanks to Collegium for inviting us, dance school Kazina to give us place to train for all rehearsals, DjDey for making us the perfect music mix, production house snemaj.si for capturing some of the clips in the video and all the dancers that were a part of this beautiful story.

Choreography by Andreja Vakselj
Dancers: Maruša Lendaro, Rosana Popit, Ester Erzin, Naja Rebec, Ela Markočič, Kaja Petrovic, Marina Filipovic, Špela Hočevar, Eva Zupančič, Nadia Kranjc, Andreja Vakselj